MODLE NO -KS-3-72 KE-shang triple system Flat Knitting Machine


Knitting System      


 Three system  single carriage 3=3


Controlling System    

Heng Qiang / Reynen


2.5G ,3G, 5G, 7G, 8G , 9G, 10g, 12g, 14G, 16G, 18G

Knitting Width       

36”, 52”, 60” ,72“, 80 “, 90” , 100“,

Knitting System     

Controlled by servo motor with 64 sections speed optional, Max 1.4m/s.

Racking System      

Controlled by AC servo motor racking within 2 Inches, in addition to accurate  fine micro adjustable function. ( Racking on Both Bed )


Knitting function     

Knit, miss, tuck, pointelle, intarsia, jacquard, hide or apparent shaping &      other regular & irregular patterns

sinker system        

Controlled by stepping motor, adjustable to different knitwear, achieve various results of narrowing and widening





Advanced encoder adopted.



Single Phase 220V, adopt advanced CMOS technology enabling memorizing at the Instant of Power outage and restoring of knitting thereafter

protection system       

The machine will automatically alarm if yarn-breaking, knots, floating thread,   rewinding, end of knitting, racking failure, needle breakage, wrong programming occur, also with safety auto lock protection device


High Speed, Anti Shake Technology, High Definition Full Touch Screen, Dynamic Stitch, High Efficiency Spare Parts.