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About Us

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MASTANA MECHANICAL WORKS is one of the leading Manufacturer, exporter & repairer of all kinds of Hosiery Knitting machines. Only the fittest and finest survive to be among the leader. Total quality of the products is symbolic mark adopted as a goal and it is our endeavour for continuous quality improvement.

MASTANA MECHANICAL WORKS was established in 1957 and engaged in the manufacturing of various models in Hosiery Knitting Machines. the firm has also taken the ISO 9001:2008 registration . we believe that quality is the lifeline of our business. we are commited to satisfy our customers by manufacturing and supply quality products to their entire satisfaction first time and every time and every time with continual upgradation in quality.

The firm has its Research and Development wing with a team of highly motivated, dedicated, conscientious and trained engineers. All products pass through ultra modern infrastructure of rigorous and stringent quality control tests, workmanship in R & D wing and ensure trouble free operation of all our products. MASTANA products meet the International Standards in respect of design, quality finishing etc. We regularly undertaken new design development of model with qualified engineers. MASTANA owns a full fledged infrastructure capable of adapting to all new technological advancement and innovation in Hosiery Industry and assures you of living up to your expectations.

About Us

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