Co2 Heat Press Fusing Machine

Heat Press Fusing Machine

Model : 1600mm


1. The heating area is extended to 1400MM 9 heating plates for independent temperature control of the left, middle and right three sections of the upper. The width can be adjusted according to the width of the upper to avoid wasting electricity. The front, middle and rear three sections of clothing and other materials control the heating temperature balance, and the constant temperature effect is good, avoiding color difference reflection due to excessive temperature or too low temperature to melt.

2. The design of the large silicone stick makes the pressure more balanced to avoid the virtual stickiness of the material composite drum, and at the same time increases the friction force of the belt. Even if the non-pressure belt does not slip. material dislocation, inclined sheet, etc. will not be caused by the belt slipping.

3. The imported electrical accessories have a longer service life and more accurate temperature control and speed control.

4. The ring-shaped belt walking method does not roll the material and will not damage the belt.

5. Under the same power, the nickel-chromium heating wire mica sheet is 40% faster than the traditional electric heating tube, and the energy saving is 40%. It is 25% faster than the iron-chromium heating wire. The energy saving is 25%. Equipped with 5mm aluminum profile heat conduction plate, the heat conduction speed is fast and it is not easy to deform.

6. The unique micro-switch belt adjustment and correction structure makes the belt more stable and not easy to deviate, and the structure is simple and easy to maintain. This item has obtained the national practical patent.

7. The pressure method can be pressurized by cylinder or motor, and the pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0 to 0.6MPa. It is convenient to use different materials.

8. The cooling area uses multiple high-temperature shaft fans, which have large air volume, low noise and good cooling effect.

9. The use of glass fiber wool insulation layer is three times more environmentally friendly and non-toxic insulation effect than the common rock wool, aluminum silicate and other materials in the market.


1. Imported anti

2. Imported high temperature 280? silicone roller with a diamete of 100mm.

3. Imported nickel

4. Imported temperature controller (Otonix)

5. Solid

6. Sheet metal pickling electrostatic spraying.


450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1600mm, 1800mm


3D fly-woven uppers, woven uppers, ribbed under-blue calendering, mid-to-high-end clothing adhesive-lined seamless underwear, down jackets, shirts, and leather composites of various fabrics