Computerized Gloves Knitting Machine

2022 High Speed Automatic Glove Making Machines

1. The operation panel Adopts large-screen high definition LCD Full Screen Touch, U Disk copy Output,Simple and convenient;

2. Servo motor synchronous belt drive arbitrarily change the head stroke, efficient and stable;

3. Stepper motor density control system to achieve deffierent weaving density for each part of each line;

4. Stepper motor Scissors control system, hook yarn yarn Cutting and yarn laying at any position;

5. The needle selection roller adopts the Screw linkage to ensure the position of the fornt and rear syringes;

6. Stepper motor elastics thread feeding system, computer control the size of the mouth, evenly feeding the yarn;

7. Intelligent oil supply, implementing lubrication friction parts;

8. Broken finger weaving system to reduce raw material loss.