High Speed Embroidery Machine With Beads With Heat Cutting

High speed machine with beads mixed with heat cutting devices series

Maximum speed 1200 rpm, Dahao computer control system, main shaft servo motor, Dahao full servo motors, linear guide, single cam double reciprocators, linear head system, imported high-speed rotary hooks. high-speed head tension, high-strength wear-resistant aluminum alloy embroidery frame, high-strength wear-resistant Eucalyptus table, 1200 high-wear-resistant plastic surface, OLH beads device, MING brand heat- cutting device, automatic bobbin changing device


Maximum speed 1200 rpm, can adjust stable embroidery, production has been greatly improved, 9 colors can be automatically converted function, so that you can flexibly use color matching, automatic conversion of beads and heating cutting function, to add luster in your products We can make all kinds of products according to customers' needs