High Speed Embroidery Machine


1. Suitable for LOGO trademark, three-dimensional embroidery of small letters, etc.

2. Excellent and reliable full bearing structure, stable and reliable speed 1050 rpm, maximum speed 1200 rpm;

3. Tajima type thread holding system can effectively improve or prevent the possibility of thread breakage with

4. Digital color change system with high accuracy

5. New embroidered frame structure with high strength, light weight and high precision

6. Embroidery frame drive belt with Italian original belt, small deformation and long life

7. Motor trimmer system with less noise and high torque

8. Automatic oiling and lubrication system

9. Double cam double reciprocator and single cam double reciprocator head systems are optional

10. AC servo motor and linear guide with imported belts are used in the machine frames

11. Jump solenoid

12. Key parts are imported