1610 Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine

Applicable Material: Wood, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber ceramic tile, crystal, jade. bamboo and other nonmetal material

Applicable Industry: This type machine apply to cloth, leather, fabric tay, computerized embroidery

Medel : cutting, electric product, module, arts, advertising, package and printing, paper etc. 1590/1610

With Projector & Without Projector

Version: Single Head Double Head


Technical Index


Laser Power : 70-80W-100W

Cutting Speedt : 0-36000mm/mm

Mn From Character: Chinese character 2x2 mm, Letter 1X1 mm

Resolution Ratio : 0.0064 mm

Power Supply : AC220V+ 10% 50 HZ Location Precision <0.01mm

Number of Hung Line: 60 line Gross Power 1250W

Operating Temperature: Oc-45c

Operationg Humidity: 5-95% (Free of condensed water)

Graphic Format Supported: BMP JPEG, PLT CDR DWG



DXF DST Adopt the international advanced DSP control technology, it is the pioneer to fast continuously curving-cut and shortcut processing pathway optimizing function, according greatly incisase the efficiency It automatically equalize the dimmshing of light during the whole operating to in the same cuting effect in different area High-speed cutting control software and buffer function in high speed movement can improve production efficacy Seamless jont is realized between the latest software and AUTOCARD, Corel Draw and other graphics treatment software Direct output of original drawing specially meets the on-site designs requirement Advanced color management support various color, with random definition First used in China, and embedded large-capacity memory greatly improve the working speed and efficiency The optic system work in with the high speed input-output electro circuit design. U disk output downloads makes a strong anti-interface ability