Airmash Jaiquard Wrap Knitting Machine For Shoes Upper


Flexible double-bar raschel machine for producing spacer textile


The Flexible high-speed mahine for all sorts of spacer fabrics

1. EN- Highly efficient production speed combined with easy and flexible patterning

2. Easy handling due to stitich comb swiveling device and central trick plate read adjustment

3. Wide range of gauges and tirck plate distance of Various appications

Working width / gauge

3505 MM = 138? ( optional+2? )

1995 MM = 77?;

E 18, E22, E24, E28

Knock-over comb bar distance

2-12 MM, Continuously adjustable, incl. Patented stitch comb swiveling device

Option : Central trick plat distance readjustment

Bars/ Knitting elements

Two needle bars with latch needle units. Two knock-over comb bars and two movable stitch comb bars, seven ground bars, GB4 and GB5 Stitch forming on both needle bars

Option : individual needle bars

Option : GB3, GB4 and GB5 stitch forming on both needle bars

Wrap beam Support

7 x 812mm = 32?

( Free Standing )



Operator interface to configure, control and adjust the electronic functionality of the machine