MODEL NO-FX-2-52-SZLFully Jacquard With Transfer Professional Collar

Knitting System


Single System (1+1), Double System (2+2), Triple System (3+3)



Controlling System




Gauge / Needle


14G,15G,16G,18G, 20G       Basic Needle / Transfer Needle   


Knitting Width


52”,72”, 80”


Knitting Speed



Maximum 1.6 m/s






5.2” Carriage which is fast and stable, no noise, efficient weaving & accurate positioning.


Motor Technology




Adopting the industry-leading patented tight-hanging motor, it can freely control the height of the lifting and accurately position, and perfectly realize the three-dimensional relief effect of various tight hanging objects.


Takedown Winder

Equipped with Sub Roller. ( Double winder )


Racking System




Non-Waiting Technology. During the racking process the machine doesn’t need to stop or wait, greatly improving the knitting efficiency.




Knitting Function




Knit, miss, tuck, pointelle, intarsia, jacquard, hide or apparent shaping & other regular or irregular patterns.








Without Sinker










1.5KW, PFC Module Technology, 220V-300V wide voltage input all available for the machine, constant 400V DC output and continuous knitting is mroe reliable.




Protection System





The machine will automatically alarm if yarn-breaking, knots, floating thread, rewinding, end of knitting, racking failure, needle breakage, wrong programming occur, also with safety auto lock protection device.

High Speed, Anti Shake Technology,







High Speed, Anti Shake Technology, High Definition Full Touch Screen, 3D Knitting Patters, Ultra Digital Laser Technology Safety Sensor, Conventional Auto Oiler, Enhanced High Quality Sensors & High Efficiency Spare Parts.