Highi Speed Sectional Warping & Beming Machine

Scope of Application

This machine is suitable for sectional warping various kinds of yarns, including worsted yarn, high twisted filaments, yarn for colour-woven fabric for silk fabric for towelling fabric and fabric in special industry. This machine which can match water-jet, air-jet, rapier and projctile looms is the equipment for preparation before weaving

Technical Data

  1. Work width   :2300-4200mm Particular Specification can be customized acording
  2. Beam Flange diameter        :<800 mm
  3. Warping Speed   :0-400 m/min.
  4. Beaming Speed   :0-80 m/min
  5. Deviation of linear speed   :<2% (300m/min) with a speed of  300m/min.
  6. Braking Distance  :<3(m) (500m/min)
  7. Drum Diameter   :1026
  8. Cone Length       :1010
  9. Cone Angle         :9
  10. Stripe traverse speed     :0.0001~9.999 (mm/r) (no grade)
  11. Deviation of stripe traverse        :0.2%
  12. Deviation of stripe positioning  :Adjustable
  13.  Distance between space reed and yarn on the drum stripe location   :Adjustable
  14. Stripe location,   :Automatic
  15. Stripe width    :0.1-999.9mm
  16. Spindle space    :300x250mm
  17. Spindle number    :392
  18. Input voltage        :3x380V+10%
  19. Capacity           :20KVA
  20. Warping motor power   :7.5KVW
  21. Bearing motor     :11KW
  22. Strip traverse motor    :0.75KW
  23. Warping and Bearing frame wt   :500KG
  24. Creel Weight   :2500KG