Split Warping Machine


•Intelligent man-machine interface, easy to operate

• Speed tracking servo frequency conversion control, automatic control detection mechanism.

• Computer real-time detection, intelligent tension control.

• Pneumatic control of beams loading and unloading, linear lifting and stable operation.

• Main braking adopts electromagnetic braking method, which is safe and reliable.

•The warping tension is even and the tension fluctuation is limited.

• The machine uses reliable and durable accessories, cost-effective in operation and maintenance

The Main Specification

Beam Up and down

Clamping and Brake

Pneumatical Control
Control Way Computer Real-time Controlled
Leveling Roller Two Sets of Servo-controlled Three-roller Rollers
Warp Liner Speed 100-750m/min.
Warp Beam Size 00 021"x21" / 30" x 21"
Cone Positions upto 80 positions