CNC Computrer Controlled High Speed Copy Warping Machine


  1. Novel type, simple operation, intelligent identification, auto-reservation of data.
  2. Electronic gear, auto controlled speed track and auto-controlled inspecting machine and power cutting protection system.

3. According to the mother beam, the sub-beam with same perimeter are to be made.

4. The diameter of the beam can be monitored and the tension is stable, which make sure the same diameter of the beams group and the length.

5. The load and unload of the beam is controlled pneumatically, up and down in line, the motion is stable and positin is precise. The break of main shaft adopts pneumatic brakes.

6. The machine can set the beams i.e. according to the mother beam, the sub-beams with same perimeter and rotations can be made.


  1. Warp lime speed:  80-1000m/min.

    2. Warp beam size :  A: 21" x 30" (inch) B:21" x 40" (inch) C:21" x 2" (inch) D:63" x 56" (inch)

   3. The up and down of the beam, clamp and brake: pneumatically control.

  4. Motor power : 11KW AC FC control.

   5. Tension roller : Servo motor, AC FC control, adjust the angle of the tension roller in electromotion.

  6. Control way : Micro-computer real-time monitoring and showing. 

  7. Copy precision: the perimeter error of the same group beam is less than 5 min., the tension wave is equal.